KDevelop 4.0 Screenshots

April 25, 2010 at 8:18 pm | Posted in KDevelop | 10 Comments

This blog entry is a supplemental to the KDevelop 4.0 release announcement to show off the new stable release with some nice screenshots. So enjoy 🙂

KDevelop after starting and opening a project and file

Quick Outline of the current file

PHP Quick Outline

Quick Open in PHP project

As-You-Type Code Completion

More Verbose manual Code Completion

Argument Hints from PHP

As-You-Type completion for PHP

C++ Navigation and Code Information tooltip

PHP Code Browser

Navigation Tooltip from CMake code

Code Completion suggesting creation of a new slot

Code Completion for existing slots

Code Completion for signals

Create Class wizard overriding virtual functions

Suggestion to include/forward declare new class name

Auto-Completion adding implementation of declared functions

Debugging an app, showing the variable value in a tooltip

Debug Layout with Variables and Framestack

Documentation Toolview showing Qt api docs

PHP Documentation toolview

Build Errors shown after compilation

Code Review with Inline Diff

Review Area to review and commit changes

KDevelop Subversion Context Menu

Inline Annotation from Subversion

Subversion History View

Difference to previous revisions

Find in Files Support

Find in Files opening a found item

C++ Code Assistant

C++ Assistant suggesting definition update

Splitting Views

KDevelops workingset tooltip

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