How to properly report bugs for KDevelop

September 12, 2009 at 7:29 am | Posted in KDevelop | 2 Comments

Actually this probably applies to any FOSS app out there.

This morning I saw in my irc backlog (lucky you that I keep that and usually at least skim it):

[07:41:33] –> firefly2442_ () has joined #kdevelop
[07:42:29] <firefly2442_> I found a bug in kdevelop 3.5.3, in the project options under run options
[07:42:50] <firefly2442_> I can navigate and specify my main program executable
[07:43:08] <firefly2442_> however, when I try to run it, it doesn’t work because the folders have spaces in them
[07:43:46] <firefly2442_> the actual command that gets executed and run in the bottom window should be modified to add quotes to allow for folders with spaces
[07:43:53] <firefly2442_> should be a simple fix
[07:44:04] <firefly2442_> cheers 🙂
[07:44:16] <– firefly2442_ () has quit (Client Quit)

This is a good example of how you should _never_ try to report bugs or problems with KDevelop. Unless of course you just wanted to do a braindump which nobody cares. Its fine to approach us on IRC, but please don’t just dump things and then leave immediately.

The right way of doing this is by either using our bugreporting wizard at KDE Bugzilla or by at least sending a mail to one of our mailing lists so we can reply to you.

I know this is a bit more effort than joining into an irc channel and dropping a few lines, but really there are far better chances of your problem being solved doing the few extra steps.

Sadly this means the above irc-report will not go anywhere, I don’t even have kdevelop3 around anymore, so I cannot test this and file the bug myself. Not to mention that 3.5.3 is rather old (3.5.5 is current) and KDevelop3 is not actively maintained anymore.

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