KDevelop4 Beta5 tarball updated

August 22, 2009 at 11:31 pm | Posted in KDevelop | 4 Comments

Unfortunately I suck, hence the originally uploaded kdevelop4 beta5 tarball didn’t include the version increasement (thats the only missing change, so the help->about KDevelop will show the wrong version). I’ve fixed that now and re-uploaded a new tarball for kdevelop, this should show up on the mirrors in a couple of hours.

To make sure that everybody has the right packages, these are the md5sum for the proper packages:

70064ad0e285d29242a90af3f3c2283f kdevelop-3.9.95.tar.bz2
2ee0d124682bb3cbc3f1068389749e0c kdevplatform-0.9.95.tar.bz2

So if the md5sum of your kdevelop-tarball doesn’t match, re-download it in a few hours.

It seems like screwing up once wasn’t enough this time, the kdevplatform package also had a wrong version. I’ve uploaded a new one, but syncing will again take some time. Here are the latest md5sums:

70064ad0e285d29242a90af3f3c2283f kdevelop-3.9.95.tar.bz2
e38fd54ea9c16b41222e893c06ca3946 kdevplatform-0.9.95.tar.bz2

KDevelop4 Beta5

August 22, 2009 at 2:01 pm | Posted in KDevelop | 21 Comments

I’ve just released the fith beta of KDevelop4 into the wild, so go get it 🙂

We’ve fixed quite some crashes and also implemented a few new features, among them improvements in the refactorings and a new patchreview toolview (see Views->Add Toolview). That allows you to easily review patches inline in the Kate editor. This way we combine diff-viewing with the powerful semantic highlighting from the C++ support.

I’d also like to point out that this is the last beta that will be working with KDE 4.2.x, the next one (still at least 4 weeks away) will need KDE 4.3.0 or 4.3.1 (we’re not yet 100% sure about the patch-level). The reason is quite simply that for 4.2.x compatibility we need quite some extra code/ugly ifdef’s and you’re missing out on some features which are only possible with 4.3.x.

Update: You can find the source packages on the KDE mirrors.

Try out the new way to configure launches

August 9, 2009 at 12:35 am | Posted in KDevelop | 6 Comments

I’ve just finished a rework of the GUI to configure launches. This is mostly based on feedback I gathered via bugreports, irc chats and mailinglists. Apparently a combobox to just add/remove tabs to an existing tabwidget isn’t working well and suggests to users a completely different thing to configure. Also people expected the selected combobox value (i.e. the launch mode) to be saved across invocations of the dialog.

So this was just confusing people that didn’t write the gui themselves and lead to me explaining how things work over and over again. With recent svn (and this will be in the next beta too) you’ll now get a bit different view:
New Launch Configuration Dialog

As you can see for each launch mode supported by a launch configuration there’s a separate subitem under it to configure the specific things for that launch mode. This of course depends on the actual launcher used for the mode (i.e. which debugger is used for the Debug mode). The generic pages for a launch configuration are available from the launch-config item itself. In the example shot above you can see this includes the actual application to execute, configuration of the dependencies and so on. These settings are used by all the launch modes.

Feedback would be appreciated, preferably via our mailinglist or bugs.kde.org, but if you’re too lazy just add a comment 🙂

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