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August 18, 2008 at 11:32 pm | Posted in KDE, KDevelop | Comments Off on back to hacking

Today is the first day of my summer vacation, it’ll last until tuesday next week so not that long. But hopefully long enough to get back to hacking.

In the last few weeks I somehow managed to do just minor things for kdevelop or KDE, some mailing, but not much code being written. Dunno how I fell into that hole, but didn’t manage to get out earlier 😦

Maybe it was all the blogging from akademy that got my spirit up or its just that I’m not having an 8 hour workday. Anyway, today I managed to get about 2 or 3 hours worth of pure hacking spread over my day, which means that KDevelop4 now has a “Version Control” context menu that works with _any_ vcs plugin that we have. In fact this even works when selecting files that are managed by different vcs plugins, though you’ll end up with multiple commit dialogs.

This is just a start and it shows that we still need some widgets moved from the individual plugins into the vcs library, for example one that allows to choose the revisions to use in a diff. Also I finally need to implement the annotation-feature that uses Kate’s annotation interface – instead of a custom widget.

Tomorrow I’ll check how much the latest commits from Christoph Cullman improve performance on my machine. Real hacking in kdevelop4 is kinda slow here due to lack of resources and tons of C++ highlighting 🙂

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