Time cut short

January 22, 2008 at 11:02 pm | Posted in Real life | Comments Off on Time cut short

After about 3 weeks of “real work”, I really see that this cuts down open source development (unless you’re lucky and get paid for it during the day-job).

Its not like I haven’t done anything these past weeks, in fact especially the first 1-2 weeks were rather productive, because I had no internet at home. However its still far beyond what I was “used” to. When you get home, got your dinner and watched TV for an hour there’s this sleepiness slowly crawling into your body.

I partly blame the fact that we don’t have a nice sofa or armchair here in this little 1-room appartment. At least I really fall asleep easily when I’m well fed and lie on a bed, trying to keep my head up to see some boring TV show.

Ok, enough of me whining about this, time for getting the kdegames card cache done.


January 14, 2008 at 11:27 pm | Posted in KDE | 9 Comments

I’m really tired of hearing all the same things again. Can’t we just have a page on the front of kde.org which points everybody who’s interested to the reasoning of doing a .0 release with quite a lot less features than the current stable 3.5.8 release? And then just post the link to that on each and every newspage, blog or other place where people complain about lack of features, instability and what not in KDE 4.0?

I mean, anybody who really wants to understand the why, can already find out, there’s no point in posting yet another blog entry about the reasons. All others don’t care anyway, there’s no point in trying to educate them, they don’t want to be educated. Obviously these people are just interested in argueing, without any reasoning, they’re just looking for a fight.

So fellow developers: Lets just stick to the decision that has been made and move on (I know most of you already do). History will tell, wether this is a new era for KDE or the beginning of its doom. Either way its really been enough blogging/commenting/mailing about why we do a release now and what the downsides are.

Finally dsl

January 10, 2008 at 7:36 pm | Posted in KDevelop | Comments Off on Finally dsl

Two days ago we received an email and a letter telling us that alice would connect dsl on thursday. And they indeed managed to do so. So finally I’m online again the whole time 🙂

It was just a couple of days (alltogether 7) but still, it sucks to only be able to send/receive mails and svn updates once a day.

Lets see who’s on IRC right now 🙂

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