Switched Browser once again (almost)

May 14, 2010 at 9:50 pm | Posted in KDevelop | 10 Comments

I’ve switched away from konqueror about half a year ago as the amount of sites that weren’t working quite properly became too many and too important (like our internal wiki and ticketing at work). Konqi was also getting kinda slow back then. I never had the time and energy to pursue any of the problems as switching to something else was simply much easier and less time-consuming. Since then I’ve used Chrome, but I’ve always missed some things like kwallet-integration, re-using my existing konqi-bookmarks and it annoys me that it installs a deb-repo without asking.

After having read and heard quite some good things about rekonq I decided to try it out yesterday. And basically I’m sold 🙂 It renders the pages I’m using regularly properly (as its also webkit under the hood), it supports my web-shortcuts (and I didn’t have to set them up to begin with), it reads my old konqi bookmarks and also has the developer-features. There are only 2 things keeping me from switching to it as my default: It only runs on 1 out of 3 machines as it needs Qt4.6, this is something that’ll be resolved over time. And it currently has an annoying behaviour that gives me an error page if some http-request fails, even if that request was made from an iframe, which completely breaks using it with our ticketing system (bugreport filed already).

So yeah, I’ll keep a close eye on rekonq as I’d really love to switch back to a kde-based browser – I even already wrote a chrome-json-bookmarks to xbel converter to get my chrome bookmarks back into kbookmarks.

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