Finally KDevelop 4.0 final published

May 1, 2010 at 2:30 pm | Posted in KDevelop | 11 Comments

Those reading the dot regularly will already know it, the final release of KDevelop 4.0 is out. For more extensive information what it includes I suggest you read the dot story.

It only took us 3 years to get there and I think what we’ve accomplished is quite amazing. And its just the beginning, we have various ideas how to further continue with KDevelop and bring you even more cool features and improvements. As I already blogged there’s two GSoC project with much potential related to KDevelop.

So go get it, compile it and enjoy how it makes hacking on code a breeze.


  1. Congrats! I use KDevelop4 for more then a year for Krita development. I can’t imagine work without it. Great job, thanks a lot!

  2. Thank you a lot!!!!! I love it

  3. Congrats! Hacking on Okteta without KDevelop would be no fun 🙂
    I hope that I’ll finish the Okteta plugin for KDevelop for 4.1, as it’s just a matter of adding the “Open with…” menu entry at a proper place.

  4. Great news ! Congrats to all KDevelop team …

  5. Great release. Love the new support for C++. BTW don’t forget to promote this more. I didn’t even see the mail from kde-announce mailing list. ho, and are there any news on Java support? How for is it?

    • Java is working, but lacking quite some features that C++ has…

      About the announcement: A dot story is not enough?? Well, I really forgot about the announce-list.

  6. Great news. I can’t wait to use this.

  7. Congratulations, I’m using it day to day for C++ development and the powerfull autocompletion makes it the best IDE IMHO.

    Thx, keep rocking !

  8. Awesome work!

    However, there is still one minor problem….. when can we expect typename keyword support?

    Otherwise, I think KDevelop is currently unmatched by any other C++ IDE out there……

    • That’ll happen as soon as someone provides a patch for it. The parser isn’t exactly easy to understand or change and our main C++ developer is currently having only limited time.

      • Are there any docs on the parser? That’s an area I’m quite interested in, so I might look into that if I have time.

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