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February 13, 2010 at 6:48 pm | Posted in KDevelop | 10 Comments

I’m pleased to announce (as first as it seems) that KDevelop4 released its 8th Beta. This is mostly a bugfix release as we are slowly (but steadily) moving towards a final release. There’s going to be another Beta soon with (hopefully) some more features as the KDevelop/Kate Sprint just started.

Additionally to kdevelop+kdevplatform you’ll find Beta’s of various php-related plugins on the KDE mirros. These plugins enable language support (code-completion and navigation), php-documentation view and debugging of php code (both standalone and inside a browser via xdebug). These are provided by Milian Wolf and Niko Sams, so join #kdevelop and give them a hug for providing such outstanding php support 🙂

For those eager to try out (and when the distro hasn’t built packages yet), you can find the files on the KDE mirrors


  1. At some point you guys need to release to get it out there, don’t let the KDE4.0 experience scare you. Release a .0 and tell people that it is not yet finished.

    Release early, release often.

    • As Eike said, we’re planning to release at the start of May (unless someone objects to my proposed release plan). Obviously nobody wanted to rush a release (especially since in the last weeks its been rather silent), but we also didn’t want to limit ourselves to bugfixes only during the KDevelop/Kate Sprint.

  2. @Tom: Thing is, though, with an app like this stability is key – once you lost work to crashes a couple of times, you’re not likely to stick to the tool. KDE 4.0 was immature and flakey, but something not working quite right or even Plasma crashing is a relatively constrained problem vs. two hours of work disappearing. So an extended stabilization period for a good first showing is important, IMHO.

    On the whole from what I hear KDevelop is shaping up nicely though and the intent to do a .0 in May sounds reasonable.

  3. Great work guys 🙂 I absolutely love kdevelop4 … after using kdevelop4 I think it’s a real pain going back to qtcreator… which I loved beforehand…

    About the stability… I totally agree that this release shouldn’t be rushed, so everyone just trying the stable 4.0 gets a got experience… personally I’m following the development of kdevelop4 since before the alpha releases, and the improvements are just gorgeous 🙂 using it for all my projects atm 🙂

    Keep up the great work guys 🙂 thx!

  4. I just tried the beta8. And I must say I really don’t like the reordering of menu. It breaks KDE’s HIG, the main reason for having a HIG is to ensure consistency between application, especially for menu, the user will acquire a reflex when he wants to reach the “edit” menu, it is the second from the left. While in Beta8, you get to the Project menu, and have to look 4 menus to the right. I hope it is just an “experimentation”, and will consider going back to a consistant menu. (when it comes to session, since you are at a join kate/kdevelop meeting, could be a good idea to discuss having also some consistency in that area 😉 )

    • As it looks right now we’re going to stay with the menu, there’s been no negative feedback about it yet (from the users compiling from svn directly), quite the contrary. Having consistency between apps is good, as long as it makes sense. Consistency, just for the sake of consistency is wrong, so if it turns out that the new menu structure works better for kdevelop then so be it. The current menu structure in most apps is much less this way because there were extensive usability studies and much more because “its been that way in the past”. For example, Kate’s Tools menu is a complete and utter mess.

      • Well for me it does not even make sense… I had to move back to 3.9.95 (packages for 3.9.97 have now disappeared 😦 ). I can’t even see any logic in putting the less important menu on the left. For me, the main tasks in KDevelop is editing files, not opening projects or switching between a group of project. And what the important tasks are what belongs to the place of easiest access.

        “Consistency, just for the sake of consistency is wrong”, yes I agree, except that I would argue that in that case it does not make any sense at all. Not only it breaks the habits of how it works in other applications, but for no real benefit. If opening projects was the important task in KDevelop it could make sense, but then I had argue that opening project should be moved to the file menu…

        • I would note though, that the seperators between menus is an excellent idea. And it would probably be a good idea to generalize it to more applications.

        • With regards to the menu system, I very much like the way it is now.
          The whole idea of a “File” menu being the primary (leftmost) menu is that ancient paradigm of one window per file/document. Thus file->close meant close the window.
          KDevelop doesn’t revolve around files, rather around sessions. Each KDevelop window represents a session. Therefore it’s a logical progression.
          I would like to see more KDE programs rethinking their menus according to their window paradigm. Kwrite is file based, so it makes sense as is. Kate, session.

  5. Just wanted to say that KDevelop rocks, it’s been helping be to be 2x as good at programming than before. It’s a great tool, and I love how I have to compile 10x less because it catches typos early and often 🙂

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