Try out the new way to configure launches

August 9, 2009 at 12:35 am | Posted in KDevelop | 6 Comments

I’ve just finished a rework of the GUI to configure launches. This is mostly based on feedback I gathered via bugreports, irc chats and mailinglists. Apparently a combobox to just add/remove tabs to an existing tabwidget isn’t working well and suggests to users a completely different thing to configure. Also people expected the selected combobox value (i.e. the launch mode) to be saved across invocations of the dialog.

So this was just confusing people that didn’t write the gui themselves and lead to me explaining how things work over and over again. With recent svn (and this will be in the next beta too) you’ll now get a bit different view:
New Launch Configuration Dialog

As you can see for each launch mode supported by a launch configuration there’s a separate subitem under it to configure the specific things for that launch mode. This of course depends on the actual launcher used for the mode (i.e. which debugger is used for the Debug mode). The generic pages for a launch configuration are available from the launch-config item itself. In the example shot above you can see this includes the actual application to execute, configuration of the dependencies and so on. These settings are used by all the launch modes.

Feedback would be appreciated, preferably via our mailinglist or, but if you’re too lazy just add a comment 🙂

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