Beta3 and Beta4

June 2, 2009 at 9:14 pm | Posted in KDevelop | 20 Comments

Anybody who reads the dot will already know, but for those who don’t (yes I mean you): KDevelop4 has released its third beta. We’ve fixed tons of bugs, added a new launch framework, new C++ features and added a whole new way of switching the perspective from code to debug and back (KDE4.3 only).

However since the tagging on the weekend a week ago, David somehow has gone crazy on fixing all kinds of mysterious (well to me at least) crashes and locks, as well as some speed improvements. Additionally Thomas McGuire – a KDevelop fan and PIMster – sat down, digged in our complex ui-library and fixed one of the most annoying bugs ever found in this still new codebase: (the one that resizes the mainwindow even in maximized mode when opening the find-bar from kate).

Hence we’ll shortly be releasing another beta (hopefully with some more fixes/improvements for valgrind, the debugger, launch framework and a new progresswidget). I don’t have any date yet as it depends on some administration stuff to be setup first, but you’ll notice when it happens 🙂

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