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May 8, 2009 at 9:23 pm | Posted in KDE, KDevelop | 6 Comments

Apparently some people tap into this pitfall, so I’ll kinda “announce” this here. KDevelop4 from trunk requires kdebase/workspace since this week. The reason is a much improved process-selection-widget for our gdb-plugin. This allows far better attach-to-process experience than the old widget. The new widget comes from a library thats so far used by ksysguard and is installed as part of the KDE workspace. For KDE 4.4 the library will move to kdelibs and then this requirement will be lifted again, but until then the best option we have is depending on kdebase/workspace.

Also I’d like to note that right now OpenSuSE and Gentoo packages for kdebase/workspace have a bug, which prevents automatic finding of the relevant cmake modules when building KDevelop. Amilcar posted a workaround to the kdevelop mailinglists, but I’m pretty sure the distro’s will catch up soon with fixed packages.


  1. You really should try harder to avoid depending on unreleased software :/ Effectively, this means that “my” users are all stuck with last-weeks Kdevelop4 until the release of 4.4(!) into Debian unstable. Couldn’t the gdb plugin be conditionally compiled, at least? It’s hardly a core component, and I could easily live without.

    • I’m doing kdevelop4 nightly build.
      Your statement is false, nothing prevent you to use kdevelop4 with Debian Sid.


      Debian maintainer of kdevplatform/kdevelop

  2. Hm, looking at the actual CMakeLists.txt I see that it is really a dependency on kdebase 4.2.. which is perfectly fine. To compile on Ubuntu (and probably Debian) you’d need to just

    sudo aptitude install kdelibs5-dev kdebase-workspace-dev

    So no big deal. Sorry for the false alarm.’

    • hehe I missed this comment. sorry too 😉

  3. Which version of kdebase is required? Do you need trunk/4.3, or should it work with 4.2.3?

    The last times I’ve tried to compile kdev from trunk, it has crashed at startup.

  4. We’re currently still depending on KDE4.2, which means kdebase 4.2 is enough. However we’re thinking about upgrading to KDE 4.3 when its released, mostly because of various bugfixes in kdelibs that are relatively important for us and we’re not going to release a final in the next 2 or 3 months anyway.

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