no app to open a tar file?

February 25, 2009 at 9:08 pm | Posted in KDevelop | 7 Comments


just connected a usb drive here to check whats on it, as KDE4 is so nice to show a small popup allowing me to directly open a file manager on the mounted disk I took the option. Turned out there is only 1 tar file on it. So I clicked on it and was presented with the nice “no app found for the mimetype, please select on”. After a quick run through the tree nothing showed up that would open tar files. Ok this machine has a rather limited kde4 installed (due to size constraints) so I quickly checked the trunk/KDE modules for possible archiving utilities. Found ark in kdeutils, but after building kdeutils it only presents me with rar and various zip formats.

Is this right? Don’t we have a single utility in trunk/KDE that can open up a tar archive? Or am I just blind? Can’t be that hard to use KTar from kdelibs, can it?

Well, back to my own world of a shell and the always-there “tar” utility 🙂 Oh and off to filing a bugreport against ark of course 😉

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