KDevelop4 Beta1 Kubuntu Packages Problems

February 6, 2009 at 10:01 pm | Posted in KDE, KDevelop | 13 Comments

Update: Packagers seem to have fixed the problem, updates should be available soon. Thanks for the quick fix.

Hate to do this, but there’s been about 6 or 7 people now in #kdevelop and I’m not using kubuntu hence can’t test this myself.

To make a long story short: The Kubuntu packages of KDevelop4 Beta1 are (as of now, Friday January 6th, 21:00 PM CET) useless because either somethings missing in them or installed in the wrong directory. KDevelop doesn’t find any of its plugins and hence you can’t even create a new project, apparently running kbuildsycoca4 doesn’t help (according to the users that joined #kdevelop and tried it out). So its most probably not an outdated sycoca cache, but something else.

A bugreport with ubuntu has been filed and I hope the packagers can fix this soon, so kubuntu users can enjoy KDevelop4.

And to make that clear: I’m trying not to point fingers or blame anyone, mistakes happen. I’d just like to make sure this doesn’t have a negative effect on kdevelop4’s reputation because users start it, can’t do anything with it and then never look at it again.

PS: Would be nice if someone could post a short comment here when the packages are fixed so I can update the entry, I don’t want to sign up for a ubuntu-account just for that.


  1. Hah, thanks I thought I was missing a package or something.

  2. Yes, I had the same problem and thought it was just another case of an over-enthusiastic case of a beta-release of an alpha level software. Good to know the mistake was not on your side.

  3. Thanks for highlighting that, it did give a fairly disappointing experience when I tried the packages on kubuntu yesterday. If it’s just happening on kubuntu, then there’s a higher chance it’ll be fixed quickly so more of us can give KDevelop4 a try.

    Having followed the recent blog posts, I’m looking forward to trying out interesting new features.

  4. I’m getting reports (in #kubuntu-devel) that it’s just missing the dep for kdevplatform. Install that manually and hopefully you should be good to go until the real fix goes into the packages.

  5. Apparently we were missing a dependency on kdevplatform. I’ve just uploaded a revised package that adds that. In the meantime, install kdevplatform and all should be well.

  6. I’ve installed kubuntu packages at my debian and didn’t found such problems. I can create new project, build it and run it (I didn’t test debug but I think there will be no problems).
    P.S. Autocomplete in kdevelop4 is great!

  7. Update: Looks like ScottK uploaded the fix and so it should be all fine and dandy soon.


  8. @ScottK: Thats rather strange, because without kdevplatform kdevelop can actually not start at all. It uses libraries from kdevplatform. So its a bit mysterious that one could start kdevelop without having kdevplatform installed. Wonder how that worked…

  9. Apparently the package was fixed…
    kdevelop-kde4 (4:3.9.91-0ubuntu2) jaunty; urgency=low

    * Add kdevplatform to depends so plugins work (LP: #326342)

    Date: Fri, 06 Feb 2009 18:02:03 -0500
    Changed-By: Scott Kitterman
    Maintainer: Kubuntu Developers
    Signed-By: Scott Kitterman

  10. Is there any particular voodoo that needs to be followed in order to build KDevelop correctly? I’ve built and installed kdevplatform followed by kdevelop, and I get mostly the same problem as the Kubuntu packages, only I can’t even open an *existing* project.

    Is this likely to be because I’ve installed into a directory outside of my main KDE4 location? I’m using ~/.local, which is in my $PATH, but perhaps I should be setting some other environment variables for KDevelop to find its plugins? I’ve tried adding ~/.local/lib/kde4 to my $PATH but obviously that didn’t help…

  11. @Aneurin Price: You need to add the installation prefix to the variable KDEDIRS before starting kdevelop. That variable should also contain the prefix for other KDE stuff (its a list of paths). You might also need to run kbuildsycoca4 manually once, to update KDE’s cache of plugin information.

  12. Aha! Thank you very much; that worked. I didn’t think about KDEDIRS at first because I didn’t have that variable set in my environment. It seems to be working fine even though I haven’t set it to a list of paths, just “~/.local”, but I’m not going to worry about that :P.

    Thanks again – from a first look KDevelop4 is looking extremely impressive.

  13. An addendum:
    Is Kdevelop at the stage where bug reports are wanted, or is it still too early for that?

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