KDevelop4 Beta1 Kubuntu Packages Problems

February 6, 2009 at 10:01 pm | Posted in KDE, KDevelop | 13 Comments

Update: Packagers seem to have fixed the problem, updates should be available soon. Thanks for the quick fix.

Hate to do this, but there’s been about 6 or 7 people now in #kdevelop and I’m not using kubuntu hence can’t test this myself.

To make a long story short: The Kubuntu packages of KDevelop4 Beta1 are (as of now, Friday January 6th, 21:00 PM CET) useless because either somethings missing in them or installed in the wrong directory. KDevelop doesn’t find any of its plugins and hence you can’t even create a new project, apparently running kbuildsycoca4 doesn’t help (according to the users that joined #kdevelop and tried it out). So its most probably not an outdated sycoca cache, but something else.

A bugreport with ubuntu has been filed and I hope the packagers can fix this soon, so kubuntu users can enjoy KDevelop4.

And to make that clear: I’m trying not to point fingers or blame anyone, mistakes happen. I’d just like to make sure this doesn’t have a negative effect on kdevelop4’s reputation because users start it, can’t do anything with it and then never look at it again.

PS: Would be nice if someone could post a short comment here when the packages are fixed so I can update the entry, I don’t want to sign up for a ubuntu-account just for that.

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