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January 15, 2009 at 11:56 pm | Posted in KDevelop | 3 Comments

C++ support in KDev4 really rocks, if kdevelop doesn’t crash. Unfortunately it did so about 6 or 8 times in the last hour, luckily most of the time it was the second instance in which I tested my changes 🙂 The main instance was only crashing when I removed the .kdevduchain from under it, to get the second instance up and running. Apparently the repository management needs a bit more safety..

Anyway, what I wanted to say is that C++ support rocks. David already blogged about the various things he did, but today was the first time since a long while that I actually used KDev4 for more than 5 minutes (well, just about 2 hours, but still). It actually saved me a handful of compile-fix cycles in that time, which I find quite valuable, especially as I get easily frustrated when there are spelling mistakes or some stupidity created by me. Obviously it doesn’t catch all problems, but if I imagine I compile my code at work only twice instead of 5 times to get a fix into it, that would already save quite some time over the day.

On other news: I’ve implemented a (currently rather simple) selection controller on the weekend and now I’ve added some code that uses it. This makes all the build-related actions in the project menu enable/disable themselves properly. And more importantly it allows to simply build the selected item(s) from the project tree. Nobody needs to figure out anymore how to use that buildset thing (which will stay as its quite usable when building multiple things).

The next step I want to do is making the initial usage of CMake projects easier by adding configure() as a dependency to build(). And then configure() will check for a builddir and if none is configured it will ask for one. This would mean that after creating a new cmake project or opening an existing one you can simply hit “build” and kdevelop will ask you for a builddir and start building afterwards. Hopefully I get that done over the weekend.

Oh and before I forget it, I revamped (yes again) the Project->Open, now its again a “plain” file selection dialog. However it now allows to select a .kdev4 file or any file that can be handled by one of the project plugins as “project file” (i.e. cmake plugin support CMakeLists.txt, QMake support .pro files and Makefile plugin supports various types of Makefiles). Along with support for opening a directory directly with just the generic importer. So I managed to integrate import+open into one dialog without any drawbacks (at least I can’t see any).

No pics, its 12am and I need my beauty sleep right now, if you want to see it: fetch kdevplatform+kdevelop from svn (and kdelibs rc1 as you’ll need that). Unfortunately nothing of the above is in the last released alpha from those modules.


  1. Hi!
    Are you going to include breakpoint in kdev4?
    By the way, Great work!!… it’s all amazing


  2. The combined import/open dialog is great. When I first saw it, I was a bit confused by that change, but after I figured it out I had a “well that was easy” moment.

    My only gripe is that I’d like to be able to choose where the .kdev4 and related files get put. But that’s pretty minor.

  3. @Parker: As the .kdev4 files currently don’t support being in a different directory than the project sources this is currently not possible. As soon as that is possible it’ll also be possible to choose a different location via the GUI 😉

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