JIT bugfixing for Xrandr

January 14, 2009 at 8:39 pm | Posted in KDevelop | 7 Comments

Last thursday/friday I sat down in another attempt to fix the problems I had with enabling my second monitor under a KDE4 desktop. KWin crashed for me as soon as I interacted with a window on the second screen and plasma didn’t add a containment for the new screen. I ended up in kephal, the new multi-screen library we have for KDE 4.2, which apparently didn’t notice the change in the X11 monitor layout.

After a post to the kwin list with tons of debug output and (hopefully) useful information, Guillaume Pothier answered with a path! After a bit of back and forth he was able to fix all problems he could find. This instantly fixed all problems I had with kwin and plasma.

So with KDE 4.2 I’m finally able to work on my laptop while watching Tv and then take it to my desk, add the external monitor and enjoy the two screen system. A big thanks to the kepahl developer. So as Alexander, I can finally say to anybody: If you want a slick modern desktop just install KDE 4.2 🙂

PS : Also a big thank you to all other KDE devs which worked hard to make KDE 4.2 a really good Desktop Environment.

PPS: Oh, btw, AFAIK the mentioned fix hasn’t made it into the rc1, so don’t be worried if you’re running that and still have issues.

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