Big Speedup

October 2, 2008 at 9:32 pm | Posted in KDE, KDevelop | 8 Comments

First: Sorry David for spoiling, but I couldn’t keep my hands still after seeing this 🙂

So, David Nolden, our DUChain and C++-Support Maintainer and Guru, comitted a couple of speed fixes today (including switching from QHash or stdext::hash_map to Google’s sparsehash). I thought, hmm, hopefully the parsing is a bit faster now, but in fact not only parsing. Almost everything is faster now, in particular the IMHO most annoying part: Highlighting in kate is a _lot_ faster now.

Recently I’ve mentioned this in a kde4-speed-rant-blog, when using cursor keys to scroll lines in kate only half of the window was updated until I stopped scrolling. This is gone now completely. Also plain typing feels a lot smoother now.

Another part that seems to benefit is “Quick Open”, all kinds – opening files, classes or methods are instantly opening up.

So a big thanks to David for this. KDevelop4 is really starting to take shape. Now the rest of us devs need to find more time to do their share 🙂

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