KDE4 Desktop performance

September 15, 2008 at 12:06 am | Posted in KDE | 54 Comments

Warning, the following text might be exagarated and over-simplifying matters, some might call it a rant.

Used the new desktop now for a few days for my FOSS work and I still have that feeling around. KDE4 simply feels slow, I can’t really pin-point it to something specific – if I could I’d write bugreports. I just have the gut-feeling that with a fresh new, state-of-the-art laptop my desktop should be a lot quicker.

Konqueror is worst of all apps I’ve used thus far, scrolling with cursor keys I can actually see the repainting happen – while opening a new tab seems to be a lot faster than in kde 3.5. Rendering in general also feel slow. Kate is another example of an application, that seems to be doing something extra which it shouldn’t. When typing quickly the response on screen often is a few msecs late and as a human you quickly notice such things.

I really expect a new machine, with state-of-the-art, but not super-fast intel integrated graphics, a SATA disk and a dual core 2.2GHz processor to perform better than my 5 year old 1.4GHz Centrino with KDE 3.5. Unfortunately reality is different, which sucks. I don’t know about other people, but personally if I feel that my working environment slows me down I tend to do one of two things: switch the working env (not an option due to size constraints on the disk) or find something different to do – like watching a nice movie and chatting a bit on IRC. Yeap, you could call that my personal problem, but I simply don’t have that when using KDE3.5, and no I don’t want to stick to KDE 3.5 indefinetly. Developing a KDE4 app means you’ve got 85% of the KDE4 desktop installed and then also the KDE3 one. I don’t like wasting my disk space this way.

I know people are working on making things faster/smoother and I actually expect them to do that. I’m wondering actually, since Desktop Effects with OpenGL work a lot faster than “normal painting”, wether we should all just switch to OpenGL for rendering the normal GUI’s 🙂

Before I finish, am I the only one having that gut feeling about slight slowness all over the place?

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