Finally using KDE4!?

September 11, 2008 at 8:25 pm | Posted in KDE | 19 Comments

So, after receiving my new laptop and reading Ruud’s Blog post (seems like planetkde somehow lost it, anybody knows what happened?) I’ve decided to install only KDE4 on it. Partly because I won’t use the linux installation that much and partly because its new hardware thats capable of using all the new bling – yes I like bling sometimes.

As always building trunk was no problem at all – thanks to kdesvn-build. Most of the time was spent to find the needed/optional dependencies and install them.

Altogether it seems KDE4 is going its way, there have certainly been quite some improvements, despite all the nay-sayers. OTOH I’m still missing the kde3-way of switching windows with kwin, particularly the border around the window thats selected in the list. I doubt I’ll have the time to that myself. Also I just noticed that konsole doesn’t have any menu accelerators and one can’t activate the menu via alt (going to file a bugreport later). I also think it has far too many shortcuts set by default, almost everything you can do in its GUI has a shortcut, which is problematic because the application running inside the terminal doesn’t get any of those shortcuts anymore. So I couldn’t switch between mailboxes in mutt, until I disabled the “Bookmark” shortcut – what the hell is a bookmark used for in a terminal application???

What still bothers me, but thats not necessarily a KDE problem, might also be in Qt, is the general slowness of things. Its not so noticeable on the laptop, but on the old its still pretty much impossible to have really smooth KDE4 experience – and its not _that_ old hardware (close to 5 years now). Even running KDE4 apps like kate outside KDE4 is slower than the kde3 version. I guess we’ll see another major improvement here with qt4.5.

To conclude: I think I’m going to stick with KDE4 on the laptop for now, I just need to find a proper IRC client as konversation developers didn’t have time for a port yet. If anybody has a tip for a non-kde3 app for that I’d apperciate it (I don’t have space for KDE3 apps on my linux partition).

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