KDevelop4 Hackathon

April 16, 2008 at 10:50 am | Posted in KDevelop | 1 Comment

As I’m just re-compiling KDev4 I’ve got a few spare minutes to blog.

So we had a really great weekend with lots of interesting speaks and even more discussions about what we want/need to have in KDevelop4 and how things should work. The todo-list got ridiculously large (which is good actually) 🙂

And right now everybody except Hamish (who got a bit sick after last nights “Schweinshaxe”) is hacking to bring KDevelop4 into a usable state. The User interface got large fixes and the C++ support shouldn’t crash so often anymore. Actually I noticed that a release build of kdelibs+kdevelop is a bit more stable because assert’s are ignored.

Personally its really inspiring to sit here within a group of 10 other geeky hackers and get something cool done.

Oh and btw. I think we can now invite interested “testers” to try out kdevelop4, I’m using it since 2.5 days now and it is pretty usable already, albeit a tad bit slow and crashy in debug-build. So I’ll either start hacking on workspace support now or also do my tad bit of boring Ui stuff – not sure.

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