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February 8, 2008 at 10:21 pm | Posted in KDE, KDevelop | 2 Comments

So finally the dot story is out, there’s going to be a KDevelop Hackathon in April in Munich. There’s even a “free-for-all” (as space allows) weekend to get to know us, or finally try to talk us into implementing your greatest feature wish for KDevelop 🙂

KDevelop “oldtimer” Harald Fernengel pulled this one off and so far Andras (quanta developer) and myself have their tickets booked. Alexander and Vladimir are also almost set, just need their Visa and hopefully Aleix exam plans allow him to come as well.

I’m rather excited, this will be the first time I’m meeting other KDE hackers – besides the handful of people at froglogic. Especially interesting to see how much fun we can have hacking on KDevelop4 full time 🙂

So if I’ve got you interested read the article on the dot for further information.


  1. I read that you’ll blog about your progress:

    Could someone of you take that opportunity to give us webdevelopers a little refreshed info about the current status of Quanta?

    Thank you and have a productive week

  2. I don’t monitor the state of quanta closely, but last I checked the KDE4 version had at least a basic working project manager. I don’t know about the state of any language plugins though.

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