Time cut short

January 22, 2008 at 11:02 pm | Posted in Real life | Comments Off on Time cut short

After about 3 weeks of “real work”, I really see that this cuts down open source development (unless you’re lucky and get paid for it during the day-job).

Its not like I haven’t done anything these past weeks, in fact especially the first 1-2 weeks were rather productive, because I had no internet at home. However its still far beyond what I was “used” to. When you get home, got your dinner and watched TV for an hour there’s this sleepiness slowly crawling into your body.

I partly blame the fact that we don’t have a nice sofa or armchair here in this little 1-room appartment. At least I really fall asleep easily when I’m well fed and lie on a bed, trying to keep my head up to see some boring TV show.

Ok, enough of me whining about this, time for getting the kdegames card cache done.

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