KDevelop CMake Support on win32

December 29, 2007 at 6:54 pm | Posted in KDevelop | 3 Comments

I was almost there, I was soooo close to fixing the last few bugs in KDevelop4’s cmake support to work properly on win32.

And then I did a horrible mistake: Let Windows XP install the security updates. I don’t know how, but that completely screwed Windows network stack, to a point where nothing network-related even started. I started to undo some of the updates and at some point I got the network connections folder populated again. But I couldn’t get it back to actually assign IP’s as configured to the network adaptor.

So now I’m sitting here re-installing windows, just to test wether the last bugfix really helped…


I’m up and running again (after only 3 hours) and that bugfix I was talking about wasn’t the last one. There are at least two more asserts waiting to be fixed.


  1. Funny, I had the same symptoms on a Windows Installation recently as well. I still keep wondering whether it’s a Windows XP feature or a virus. The whole experience only made me aware though how little I know about “Windows interna” these days given that I use Windows very rarely.

  2. I am on the same page, I haven’t run windows for many years now and having to help my mother out with her windows xp has led to similar post-update issues. Luckily she decided to start moving over to ubuntu linux last month.

  3. Have a look at this article. It will allow you to restore winsock and the TCP/IP stack :

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