KHTML, KDevelop and Phonon

December 13, 2007 at 3:24 pm | Posted in KDevelop | 6 Comments

Diego is wrong, I doubt Konqueror will use QtWebkit with KDE 4.1, as far as I can see there’s still quite some way to go until there is a KPart for QtWebkit that has the same featureset as KHTML. Apart from that KHTML is still very active and very maintained, anybody looking at the commit log can see that. And so far I’ve only come across one site for which I need firefox, this blog page.

Diego is also wrong about another thing he said recently in his QDevelop announcement, unfortunately my comment there hasn’t been approved yet. Maybe there was something wrong about my name and email, unfortunately the blogsite doesn’t show anything in readable english and thus I had to guess where to write what. Anyway, what I wanted to comment on is that KDevelop can’t do the “maximize editor area to full mainwindow” thing, it can, all you have to do is close all toolwindows and you can do that in KDevelop3 with a simple keyboard shortcut. In KDevelop4 however you can even maximize the toolviews, this has been added by Hamish a few weeks ago, its really super-handy and very nice.

And last but not least I guess I also have to say something about the move of Trolltech. Its great, seeing that the xine-backend triggers a few problems/bugs in xine or even the kernel its really good to have another backend under linux (I have to admit that I’m not sure gstreamer works directly on top of alsa, maybe its using xine as well and thus the same problems might arise there). Its even better that we’ll have Windows and MacOS backends for KDE 4.0, that makes the whole process of porting to these platforms a lot faster – at least for the multimedia apps. And those might give KDE4 quite a momentum, at least on Windows where there are mainly two competitors which both are not as great as amarok.

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