KDE4.0 release getting closer

December 5, 2007 at 1:44 am | Posted in KDevelop | 9 Comments

I’ve blogged a lot lately, so let me add one last blog and then I’ll concentrate more on coding again (I’ve just managed to get myself a workload of new todos today).

People following the core lists or the schedule pages know that the next release candidate is coming, this might be the last rc as there probably won’t be anybody doing releases during christmas.

So I had another try with a KDE4 desktop on my laptop. You know that one with Xinerama (or rather XRandR 1.2 nowadays), two screens and not really that powerful CPU or graphics card (being more than 4 years old now). I have to say: I’m impressed. There’s been really great progress everywhere, kwin is as smooth as its kde3 version (sure composite doesn’t work fast enough for daily work, but its still usable for showing off). The menu seems to behave good, the panel isn’t just an ugly black bar and does sit where its supposed to sit. The background is customizable.

Congratulations to all people that worked their ass off to get the desktop into this state and my best wishes for the last few weeks (as I’m mostly out of that game, due to my points of interest and knowledge).

In fact I’m planning to use kde4 as my main desktop the next couple of days, because there’s one thing I really miss: khotkeys. And while I managed to fix the crashes in the kcm for it, making it work again needs a running kde4 environment. And constantly switching between X servers is not what I’d like to do every day.

Oh, there’s one other thing I need to figure out then: A good ICQ/Jabber client, currently I’m using Pidgin but unfortunately that one crashes with an X11 BadMatch error when it starts up, shortly after trying to put its icon into the systray. And kopete doesn’t seem to connect to ICQ server at all for me.

A minor issue for me is a nice theme, in kde3 I currently use polyester and a greenish color scheme, but with kdebase+kdeartwork I haven’t yet found something that really is appealing to me. That will come with time and for now its ok with Keramik windec+Plastique style.

Once again: Keep up the good work everybody and lets get this release out of the door.

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