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The last 2 days I’ve been bug-squashing KDevelop3. It was interesting sometimes, seeing how easily fixable some really old bugs were once you’ve checked the source. Sometimes its weird as well, like crashes in memcpy() while debugging an application.

The result is pretty cool, IMHO. about 80 bugs are now either fixed, worksforme, invalid or duplicates so that means KDevelop3 is now down to 202 bugreports. Thats less than kate, kopete and even the general kde component.

I plan to try to check out the feature wishlist as well during the next week, hopefully finding some old feature wishes that have been implemented in the meanwhile.


  1. Hey, mind if I ask about KDevelop4 development?

    I’m curious about features for lazy programmers, like autocomplete and built-in help while completing, well, that thing that appears when you type ctrl-space in netbeans… 😛

  2. One more thing, do you know why Kdevelop4 isn’t on that qemu image for kde4 testing?

    I wanted to test it, but I’m on final exams on college and I don’t have time for compiling many things…

  3. Man, great respect to you!

  4. Paulo: I don’t mind, but I’m not sure what to answer to you. KDevelop4 does have autocompletion, for any serious IDE nowadays thats a must-have. I don’t know netbeans, so I can’t say wether we have the same built-in help, but we do have argument hints (i.e. show which argument has which type) and in KDevelop3 the autocompletion even shows you api dox information from the header files if they are available.

    That said, KDevelop4 won’t be released with KDE4.0, we’re aiming at a release with KDE4.1 and there won’t have Java support in a default KDevelop installation. That may come later, or optionally as a third-party plugin.

  5. “api dox information from the header files”
    That’s what I was asking for 😛 I just didn’t know how to name it

    But I forgot to mention, that autocompleting QT Sdk and Kde4 would be very nice..

    I mean, typing QT::, or std:: and pressing ctrl-space and having all classes on that namespaces with Api doc would be very nice 🙂

    Sorry, but I’m not on a Linux box right now, so I can’t test if kdevelop already have this..

    I remember back when I was learning QT and I didn’t found that stuff.. But I didn’t tried very much..

  6. Ah, and thanks for the response 😉

  7. Sorry to bother you again, but on the company I work, I saw a guy that always uses Linux rebooting in Windows to create the database of his team’s project because they were in need of a visual database designer..

    We usually like to use GUI database designer tools, like DBDesigner, but it’s completely unusable, so I’m thinking in create one for Kde, but focused more on usability.

    As a kde developer, what do you think about a tool like this?

  8. I might be wrong, but AFAIK KDE already has a tool to create databases visually. Its kexi and part of the koffice suite. It aims to be similar to Microsoft’s Access, but works on any Database.

  9. No, Kexi is more like Microsoft Access. That’s not for database modeling..

    Actually I’m modeling on Dia and creating the sql by hand, and that’s not very much productive.

    Take a look at this:

    It’s an horrid app, in terms of usability, and it was made in Qt2, and them abandoned.

    But for now I think it’s the only linux app for visual database modeling.

    Mysql is developing Mysql Workbench, but that thing never worked, and they are developing it by 2 years now.. So I think they will not work on it anymore..

  10. Doesn’t dia have a SQL generator? Anyway, on the one hand a good tool to design databases in a graphical manner would probably be cool, but on the other hand it can IMHO only help you to get a general idea of the database layout and serve as a starting point. There are quite some things to database design that are beyond any general-purpose GUI tool because the specifics are database system dependant.

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