Farewell KMail, for now

November 3, 2007 at 11:53 am | Posted in KDE | 11 Comments

Too bad, but I have to say farewell to KMail for now, it doesn’t behave like the usual KDE app wrt. to memory usage and thats not bearable on my laptop. After firing it up and opening my inbox (with about 2300 mails) it goes from 25MB to something like 60-80 MB res-usage. Thats unacceptable.

Also its pretty slow when opening these boxes, given thatthe IMAP-server runs locally on the same machine and it sometimes seems to refetch the full header list even though it already saw the box before. Also I’ve seen it “forget” the already-read mails in a box and thus showing again that I have X unread/new mails in that box. As soon as I then open the box it finds out there are actually no unread mails and obviously removes the indication from the box-list.

I’ll try KMail/KDE3 again after the enterprise branch has been merged, i.e. when KDE 3.5.9 is released, until then I’m glad I have a maintained mutt with sidebar, thanks to Elimar Riesebieter.

Edit: I feel the need to clarify a bit, guess I was once again not clear enough in my words. I’m not ranting about an unusable KMail! Quite the opposite, KMail is a really nice app and I already have some feature-ideas that I’d like to file for KDE4 sooner or later. But the imap support that I do need to be able to read my mails, make the whole application not usable for me right now. That is if KMail runs for something like 10 hours it consumes more memory than Xorg, leaving to little memory for doing any serious developer work. And no I wasn’t that aware that imap support is to be expected to have such problems.

To conclude: Big thanks to the KMail developers for providing a mail application that allows me to easily switch from Mutt (which also means having a ton of keyboard shortcuts) and I hope you can sort out the imap stuff in KDE4.

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