KMail – filtering from Pop to Imap?

October 28, 2007 at 5:38 am | Posted in KDE | 8 Comments

Just got my lost mail back. Apparently it was just moved into one of the existing subfolder and by simple accident I found the. After some reshufling of the mails I wanted to switch from fetchmail+maildrop to KMail filtering.

Unfortunately it turns out that KMail doesn’t support moving mails into an IMAP mailbox automatically, at least that what it tells me when I setup a spamfilter which should move spam into an IMAP box of my local mailboxes.

A little background: I’ve setup a small IMAP server to be able to use KMail as well as MuttNg on the same mailboxes. AFAIK its not possible to share mailboxes between KMail and another program because KMail uses extra index files to keep track of certain information about the mails (I’m using maildir’s btw.). And I need MuttNg when accessing my laptop via ssh, so thats why I’m using IMAP to access local mailboxes.

So if anybody has an idea how to fetch mail from a pop3 account, run it through some filters in KMail and put them into various IMAP mailboxes depending on the filtering result I’d appreciate a comment.

PS: Reasoning to switch to KMail also for fetching/filtering is that I’d like to use the “only store mails for XX days” feature so my mailinglist folders don’t get too crowded.

Edit:Seems like the “only store mails for XX days” feature works with the creation or modification times instead of looking at the Mailheaders. Not very good, as due to the reshuffling all mails have a modification time from last night 😦

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