Baby steps with Gentoo

October 19, 2007 at 12:08 pm | Posted in General Linux | 10 Comments

Yesterday I figured that adding my ancient PIII/500 to my “build farm” (consisting of only my laptop at the point) wasn’t going to cut it (well seemed to save about 20% gcc-time during qt-copy build, but in the end the overall saving wasn’t that much). So I decided to free some space on my girlfriends pc and put linux on it.

As I’m pretty familiar with setting up debian nowadays I thought a change would be cool, so I decided to give Gentoo a shot. And I’m impressed actually. If you know your way around linux its absolutely easy to setup a system using the online manual, you don’t even need to read all the text just check which commands to execute 🙂

So I managed to have an icecream-enabled gentoo within something like 1-2 hours, not bad at all given that most things have been compiled from scratch. And it did work quite well. But then I wanted to check the USE flags and set them apropriately and having a look at the list of available options I was blasted away – a ton of things to configure. Also keeping compiling every night to maybe have a basic KDE sometime next week doesn’t sound too appealing to me.

So while I think this is a nice distribution, its not something for me at this point as I need to have a system up-and-running faster and with less configuration effort.

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