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September 18, 2007 at 12:49 am | Posted in KDE | 9 Comments

Today I played most of the KDE4 games from the kdegames module and I’m quite impressed. They look really “shiny and new” and will make a good impression IMHO. Also the interfaces seem to be more unified among the games.

There are some new games like bovo or ksudoku and unfortunately also some kde3 games that are not (yet) ported to KDE4 and thus not part of kdegames at the moment. The latter include a tetris clone, ksokoban and kpoker.

I couldn’t try ktuberling, or lets say I couldn’t find out what I am supposed to do except dragging and dropping things onto the potato – unfortunately khelpcenter doesn’t work 😦 Another thing I don’t find very intuitive is the gaming-interface of ksudoku, especially how left and right mouse button and keyboard-numbers work together. Obviously one can “scribble” two numbers into a field so to memorize that either of the two can go into that field (why only 2 here, why not 4?), however I couldn’t quite find out in what order those two are set by the right-button click.

The Graphics framework and SVG graphics seem to work really nice, except the initial drawing. When opening any of the games I get a rather small window so I maximize them, however the redrawing of the game board usually takes 30 or more seconds (1.4GHz Centrino with Radeon Mobility 9200 using open source driver in Xinerama Setup). Its rather extreme on knetwalk and I also see drawing “errors” on some of the boards (like unerased paintings on the border of the board – leftovers or something like that).

And there’s another thing that I miss very much: Choosing different card backs for KPatience, this is not just a nice feature but IMHO the current deck doesn’t have enough contrast to be easily visible. Its rather tiring to play with those cards, I have to stare at some of the cards to see their value. They do look really nice and rather artistic though.

No screenshots at the moment, because I’m too tired to do them and just in case the above doesn’t look too good: Of course I mentioned mostly the “downsides” I noticed because the rest is really great and I don’t know what else to write than “its great” 🙂


  1. Well, Ktuberling does not have a goal. “Dragging and dropping things on the potato” pretty much summarizes it. IMO it is not really a “game” in the strict sense of the concept, more like a toy. But it was decided to keep it in the games module anyway, and kids love it.

    As for Kpat, you can switch carddecks now. Hit F9 or choose the corresponding menu item (Random cards). We agree that it needs card deck selection, much like what is already available in lskat. This is marked as something to fix for KDE4 at our status page:


    As for the 30 second initial redraw and other errors, I can not reproduce this. Most games start in less than 1 second here. So it seems like something is not quite right with your build. You may want to send an email to kde-games-devel with a description of the problem, maybe we can locate the source of the issue and fix it (provided it is really something in the games code, and not in another component like the video driver/X/Qt.)

    Thanks for the good words.

  2. The purpose of KTuberling is to create funny pictures for laughs. It’s quite effective for me when I’m in the right mood and preferably with some other people and beer :). The selection of parts could be larger, though.

  3. “I couldn’t try ktuberling, or lets say I couldn’t find out what I am supposed to do except dragging and dropping things onto the potato”

    Well, you are not supposed to do anything else 😀

  4. I think that’s all you’re supposed to do with ktuberling. 🙂 it’s a very, uh, simple game.

  5. Yep, I’ve also noticed performance issues with SVG rendering in general. Caching helps a lot here in some cases, but the initial rendering phase or resizing can take a long time, especially with more complex images. And I don’t see any way to speed this up except optimizing QSvgRenderer further.

    But then I assume QSvgRenderer is probably already very optimized. SVG rendering with high quality anti-aliasing simply is a rather intensive operation. So I don’t know if there is still potential for speed-up.

  6. I couldn’t try ktuberling, or lets say I couldn’t find out what I am supposed to do except dragging and dropping things onto the potato – unfortunately khelpcenter doesn’t work 😦

    Haha, that is funny :-). However, you made it right at the first try: ktuberling is a game for very young children. It is only about dragging clothes and other things onto a potato :-).

    There should be an age indications on all games.

  7. LOL, nice to hear I’m to dumb to find out how a game for “very young children” works 🙂

    @Mauricio: I forgot to add a question wether I should file bugreports or anything about the issues I see. I’ll subscribe to the -devel list later and see what I can find out…

  8. Thanks for mentioning Klondite… hope it improves…

  9. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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