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September 8, 2007 at 11:33 am | Posted in KDevelop | Comments Off on KDevelop3 status

Recently KDevelop3 was again moved to a separate branch. This is to allow us to integrate some features that we have sitting on the disk, but couldn’t commit due to the complete freeze of KDE 3.5. We asked for excemption, but didn’t get any answer from release team, obviously KDE3 is officially dead now 😉

So what happened there until now is a huge improvement for Ruby on Rails from Alexander, a couple of new C++ templates for completely empty projects and an improvement to the class inheritance diagram. That last one obviously didn’t get much love, but now I needed it to work on an AST in KDevelop4 so I made it non-modal and added a save button to store the image. Quite handy IMHO.

This weeked I will do one change in the c++ debugger to allow the user to choose which of the bottom gdb widgets should be activated after starting the debug session. Also QMake Manager will see two small improvements, one to support QtScript from Qt4.3 and the other one will allow the user to see only the filenames in the QMake Manager instead of relative paths.

Last but not least: The IRC backlog today showed again that KDevelop3’s main usage is development with C++. Chani chimed into #kdevelop and was searching for pressing reasons to favor KDevelop over Kate.  Well, I have to agree, C++ is the best supported language with most of the features, including good code navigation and completion. However some of these things are shared among all language parts, for example the class view, the inheritance diagram and most importantly the quick open dialogs. So as long as the language support for your language does provide a code model there are some reasons to switch to KDevelop.

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