KDE4 Desktop revisited

August 29, 2007 at 9:05 pm | Posted in KDE | Comments Off on KDE4 Desktop revisited

I don’t like those small comment fields for comments, so I’m posting another (and the last for the time being) blog about the KDE4 desktop as kind-of answer to Aaron and Sebastian.

I don’t have the menu problem in xinerama mode, just that apps don’t start on the screen where the mouse is. The oxygen kwin style doesn’t show the active window as it seems. Unfortunately my radeon card and the driver don’t provide proper XComposite support so I can’t make any use of the new kwin effects 😦

So what I was left with was a krunner that didn’t work after some time and no plasma applets as they still dwell in playground (which I can’t build due to space constraints). I can run kde3 apps from konsole, but I’ve got nothing but wallpaper desktop 😦

Anyway, Aaron I promise I’ll try to use the KDE4 desktop more often in the next months until the release and then I’ll do my judgement wether I’ll switch to it or not. I’ll also try harder to really use it and not just trying this and that and being disappointed if it doesn’t work.

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