SoC Finals

August 22, 2007 at 4:54 pm | Posted in GSoC, KDevelop | Comments Off on SoC Finals

So coding for SoC ended 2 days ago and the KDevelop Python support suceeded 🙂

Piyush didn’t finish everything as was originally planned due to some difficulties he had while diving into the kdevelop language support. Still we have code highlighting on top of what kate already does, which highlights functions, classes and arguments.  Interested people can find a screenshot on his blog.

For me it was a quite interesting experience, I probably spent too much time mentoring (although Piyush probably thinks different 🙂 but the outcome is quite good. I would never have had the energy to work that much on the python support all on my own and Piyush will continue to work on it, which is really great and shows the success as well – thats what GSoC is about after all, acquiring new people for open source projects.

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