SoC Finals

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So coding for SoC ended 2 days ago and the KDevelop Python support suceeded 🙂

Piyush didn’t finish everything as was originally planned due to some difficulties he had while diving into the kdevelop language support. Still we have code highlighting on top of what kate already does, which highlights functions, classes and arguments.  Interested people can find a screenshot on his blog.

For me it was a quite interesting experience, I probably spent too much time mentoring (although Piyush probably thinks different 🙂 but the outcome is quite good. I would never have had the energy to work that much on the python support all on my own and Piyush will continue to work on it, which is really great and shows the success as well – thats what GSoC is about after all, acquiring new people for open source projects.


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First I planned to write a blog entry for each day of my vacation, but soon enough it turned out to be too much work and I don’t really have any pics ready for publishing yet.

So just a short impression: I was in norway for the 4th time, again with my whole family (including my and my brothers girlfriend) and we had a great time. Weather wasn’t as nice as we hoped, but it was ok most of the time.

We took the ferry from Hirtshals/Denmark to Langesund/Norway on both ways, that means a 10 hour drive from the ferry to the town where we rented a house: Eidsvåg. The evening of the arrival we didn’t do much except unpacking, taking a shower and making plans for monday.

On monday we did a short trip to the next larger town, Sunndalsøra. Clouds where hanging deep so we couldn’t see much from the surrounding mountains, but it still was a nice walk (and shopping, I forgot my belt, contact lens cleaning fluid and my house shoes at home) around the town and river.

On tuesday we planned to go to Trondheim, because the weather was supposed to be sunny there. It was sunny most of the time and I recognized quite some places (did I mention that I’ve been in the same area 10 years ago with my parents?). We walked to the cathedral, up to the fortress and also talking a walk to the former fish market hall.

On Wednesday we went to a stave church and on to andalsness, from where we visited the “trollstigen” a steep, narrow road up a mountain with 180 degree turns. The really interesting thing here is normally when busses go up and down, those need the whole street in the turns, but we didn’t have any that day. It wasn’t the best weather, but it didn’t rain. On the top there’s a walkway along the border of the mountain top. Also did a short stop at some snow, which is a kinda cool thing for us people that seldomly have snow in winter…

Thursday was a round-trip from Eidsvåg to Molde and along the atlantic route to Kristiansund. Molde was quite nice, really sunny weather and warm. The atlantic route bridges are cool even the second time, the first bridge goes up and directly around the corner so from further away it looks like the cars drive up the road and then fall from it into the ocean. 10 years ago we had a house in Bremsnes a town right across from Kristiansund, but unfortunately we couldn’t find the road to it again and we didn’t really want to go hunting for it. So we took the ferry to Kristiansund and a walk around the city. The old resteraunt we ate in once or twice was closed down, but I think other than that the city didn’t change that much. Had a quite good pizza (and took the rest with us) later and went home.

For friday we did a short trip so we had time in the afternoon to pack things up as we needed to leave early on saturday (remember, 10 hour drive and the ferry leaves at 7pm). We opted to go to Mardalsfossen a large waterfall south of Eidsvåg (supposedly its the 4th largest in the world – 297 free fall), finding Mardal and the parking spot was easy enough and the weather was still ok. The hard part was walking up to the waterfall, its a pretty steep walk and it takes you at leas 30 minutes if you hurry up much. However it was paying off (we needed about an hour with stops here and there to take photos), really cool and pretty wet as well at the bottom of the fall 🙂 But then also the weather changed to rainy and I’m not sure how much water was from the fall spray.

The drive back is also worth a note because we basically got no sleep. After the 10 hour drive, we tried to get not bored while sitting on the ferry, playing cards, eating something and so on. And after that we started the drive home (that is from 1am to 6:30am). While the drive in norway wasn’t a real problem, also because I changed 2 times with my girlfriend, the drive home was pretty hard. One problem of course sleepiness (yeah to coffee :), but more importantly because my girlfriend couldn’t drive anymore, she was too tired, and slept right next to me. Still made it home safe and quickly enough.

Wow, pretty long blog still and no photos 😦 I’ll post them as soon as I’ve got a collection ready. It was really a great vacation and gave me back some energy (most of which I lost while catching up with mail and stuff 🙂

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