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August 6, 2007 at 1:03 pm | Posted in KDevelop | Comments Off on QMake Progress

I’m progressing quite well with the new parser and the somewhat fixed AST. KDevelop’s QMake Manager can now read the mkspecs including following include() directives (no resolving of variables yet though). It doesn’t use that information yet, however adding that will come shortly (hopefully after my vacation next week.

The manager can now also recognize some more variables to create targets, files and subdirectory entries in the project tree, including some undocumented QMake features (more info about those features here: http://wiki.qtcentre.org/index.php?title=Undocumented_qmake). I also adapted the tree layout to match that of the newly-resurrected CMake manager, which groups targets under subdirectories and then groups the files according to the targets.

On other news KDevelop’s GrepView was ported from KDevelop3 by Dukju Ahn, I recently changed the dialog to use a .ui file for the layout and did some cleanups in the plugin. I also fixed up the environment settings stuff (mostly complete, but I’d like to make the environment widget itself also KConfigXT compatible), so plugins don’t have to write a ton of code to use the rather simple combobox which is used to select the environment in which external processes should be run.

On windows there didn’t happen much in the past, well except maybe that the application wizard now works and one can create new KDevelop4 projects on windows as well.

And my SoC student also works his ass off to bring the python support in a usable shape. Unfortunately its much more work than he and myself thought so I’m not yet sure how much will be done in the SoC project. I’m looking forward though to having some extended highlighting for class and function declarations.

Again a thankful goodbye to Dukju Ahn who’s not able to contribute to KDevelop4 anymore, you were a big help in getting KDevelop4 in a somewhat useful state.

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