KDevelop4 on Windows Screenshots (finally)

June 22, 2007 at 7:24 pm | Posted in KDevelop | 3 Comments

So Ralf Habacker reverted a few ioslave changes in kdelibs and now ioslaves are working again on win32. This means I can finally take a few first screenshots of KDevelop4.

So without more text, just sit down and enjoy them (and please remember: KDevelop4 is still pre-alpha and will not release with KDE 4.0).

  • KDevelop4 with 2 projects open in the Project Manager View
    KDevelop4 Mainwindow with 2 projects open
  • Showing the New Project Wizard (I don’t yet know why its empty, there is already 1 project template on linux visible)
    KDevelop4 New Project Wizard
  • KDevelop4 can do split view (even showing the same file in both views)
    KDevelop4 Split View
  • You can as well have multiple instances of a toolview
    KDevelop4 Multiple Toolviews
  • Last but not least, KDevelop4 will make use of multiple mainwindows
    KDevelop4 Multiple Maindwindows

Apart from that there’s also been done some work on the instructions to get kde4 onto your windows machine using the MinGW compiler. See the KDELibs.com page for more information and also please report any errors you find in the instructions (I had to write them down from memory).

PS: Maybe next time I can show the subversion support in action (it already builts, but I didn’t get around to test it out)

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