Progress on the KDevelop4 Python Support

June 18, 2007 at 12:43 pm | Posted in GSoC | 6 Comments

A short update on the progress of my student Piyush Verma, who’s hard working on the python parser. We finally managed to fix all bugs in the parser we could encounter. That is we both ran the parser on real world projects we had lying around and it didn’t fail parsing any of the files. That means pretty much all of the Python 2.4 language can be parsed (I guess somebody can find corner cases if he wants to). Additional support for Python 2.5 (I don’t think Python 2.3 is worth the effort) will be added after SoC (hopefully ;).

Also during the last week we started to use for managing the work in SoC and it has proved itself helpful to communicate tasks (in this case mostly the bugs) and patches this way.  More about can be found in my recent KDevelop blog. The parser also is now usable as a shared library making it possible to write unit tests for it with the Qt Test framework and use it later on in the KDevelop4 language support.

The upcoming tasks for  Piyush include creating a suitable AST by annotating the kdevelop-pg grammar and then starting to look into duchain and integration with KDevelop4. So the progress he’s making is quite good, although the harder parts are comming now. I’m pretty confident that he’ll succeed bringing Python support into KDevelop4 🙂


  1. cool 🙂 I’ve been using kdevelop 3.4 for some of my pyqt4 stuff… it’s been… fairly buggy. and I have this feeling I’m misunderstanding a bunch of things too. I’m not used to using a real IDE, but I figured I’d give it a try.

  2. I think eric3 or eric4 is a better Python IDE than KDevelop3. Have a look at

  3. Hi, I think an integration wit Trac ( would be a great thing.

  4. I’m not sure thats possible, I don’t know trac too much but it seems to aim at a web interface in which case the integration would be just a window with a webbrowser. If thats not the case somebody has to sit down and create a plugin for that.

  5. I am using KDevelop despite its shortcomings with Python because I find eric’s UI absolutely horrid. It’s way too cluttered.

  6. eric4 is supposed to be less cluttered, in particular I asked Detlev for a few changes myself to unclutter the interface. I didn’t yet test eric4 yet, though and its a bit adventurous to set it up as its not shipped yet by major distro’s – AFAIK.

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